I am having trouble with getting user profile properly running, and mostly I've been advised that it's because of permissions. So my question is which account should run the AppFabric Caching Service the App Pool Account or the Farm Account.

Thanks in Advance.

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In SharePoint 2013/2013 App Fabric Service Run under the Farm Admin account by default.

If you change it then you have to check, you can go Server and open the service console and look for the AppFabricCachingService. From here you will see under which account it is running.

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If you use Farm account, It will give you warning in Health check issues like: the farm account should not be used for other services - Distributed Cache Service

You can use domain user for this service. You can not change user account from Central Admin. You can change the user account using below Powershell code:

add-pssnapin microsoft.sharepoint.powershell
$farm = Get-SPFarm
$cacheService = $farm.Services | where {$_.Name -eq “AppFabricCachingService”}
$accnt = Get-SPManagedAccount -Identity <domain\user>
$cacheService.ProcessIdentity.CurrentIdentityType = "SpecificUser"  #provide here domain user
$cacheService.ProcessIdentity.ManagedAccount = $accnt

Wait until it has run, then you will find that the service has a new managed account. Go back to the Health Analyzer report page and remove the alert.


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