I need to find workFlow subscription ID, to start workFlow with jS Client object model. Where find this subscription ID of workflow in sharepoint 2007:


What is the subscription ID ?

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What is the subscription ID ?

Is an association id between the workflow and list or site .

Where find workFlow subscription ID?

I don't have a SharePoint 2007 environment now but I think it's the same method in other SharePoint versions (I am using SharePoint 2013) :

So to get SubscriptionId do the following :

  • Open your list that has the workflow.
  • From the above ribbon > go to the workflow settings.
  • Right click on your workflow name> select properties.

enter image description here

  • At address > click double click to select the full URL > copy this URL at the notepad.

enter image description here

  • It should be like this


  • Now you can get SubscriptionId={579DC7FD-E5D0-4BB6-A328-4B5A73E24F28}

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