In a SharePoint 2013 Farm I have a patch level at 15.0.4701.1000 but when I search for this cumulative update I cannot find an exact matching number - closest I can find is 15.0.4701.1001 (note the 1001) & this seems to be from March 2015.

Where do I find the cumulative update corresponding to 15.0.4701.1000?

Reason is that I'm trying to build an environment that is patched exactly to the same level for testing purposes.

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Don't trust the Version number from the central admin, because that is configuration Database Version.

better way to look for the patch, go to Central admin > Upgrade & Migration > Check product and patch installation status if the March CU's KB number listed here then simply download the March CU and apply it to the server.

*Specificly for March CU, KB listed 1001 but actually it is 1000.

Check these blogs to understand it.

Common question: why does the version number on the "Servers in Farm" page not change after installing October CU?

SharePoint patching demystified

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