What are the use cases or scenarios where you would choose one of these 3 : Yammer, Office groups , MS Teams. I know its kind of early stage of adoption , but is there anyone who has implemented this effectively in their intranet and would like to share some key things regarding this.

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The question is really a Yammer group vs an Office group.

And for all intents and purposes, an Office group is superior to a Yammer group. You have more functionality (Yammer or outlook for conversations, file storage, Planner, Power BI, Teams, OneNote) versus what Yammer offers.

  • But with Yammer integration with office 365 groups , i feel there is more overlap between functionalities and differentiating elements becomes very narrow. For example one key difference i found so far is that yammer group gives me option to search in conversations while outlook groups does not
    – Unnie
    Commented Nov 4, 2016 at 17:02

For our company, the factors that we took into account to choose between Yammer and Teams, are as follow,

  • Sharing Files. We have a hard time in sharing files in Yammer but Teams is integrated with SharePoint Libraries.
  • Cost: Yammer is free for external users. For Teams, you need to pay for each member as of now.
  • Planner: In Teams you could use Planner for tasks management. It's like Trello and is friendly.
  • Rich Text Formatting is supported on Temas. You can bold or color your text. It's a good method to empahsize important stuff.
  • Tagging are more friendly on Yammer.

And more factors that I explained in detail in my Yammer vs Microsoft Teams Blog. Eventually, we ended up choosing Teams.

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