Is it possible to register app through PowerShell on SharePoint Online(Office 365)? i.e the conventional way where registering app data(Client Id, Client Secret..) is done on AppRegNew.aspx page.

I am aware that it can be done on On-Premises by using Register-SPAppPrincipal but it seems that Register-SPAppPrincipal is not supported on SharePoint Online.

How can we register app data on SharePoint Online via PowerShell?

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You'll need the MSOnline module, which you can download from here (I have, I cannot say if this will work on an older version).

The following worked for me:

$clientId = [System.Guid]::NewGuid()
$appDomain = "HelloWorld.windowsazure.net"
$appName = "Hello World Test App"
$servicePrincipalName = @("$clientId/$appDomain")
$appUrl = "https://HelloWorld.windowsazure.net/Home/Index"


New-MsolServicePrincipal -ServicePrincipalNames $servicePrincipalName -AppPrincipalId $clientId -DisplayName $appName -Addresses (New-MsolServicePrincipalAddresses -Address $appUrl)

$bytes = New-Object Byte[] 32
$rand = [System.Security.Cryptography.RandomNumberGenerator]::Create()
$clientSecret = [System.Convert]::ToBase64String($bytes)

New-MsolServicePrincipalCredential -AppPrincipalId $clientId -Type Symmetric -Usage Sign -Value $clientSecret
New-MsolServicePrincipalCredential -AppPrincipalId $clientId -Type Symmetric -Usage Verify -Value $clientSecret
New-MsolServicePrincipalCredential -AppPrincipalId $clientId -Type Password -Usage Verify -Value $clientSecret

Write-Host "Client ID`t: $clientId`r`nClient Secret`t: $clientSecret"

I managed to scrounge this up from these sources:

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