I am trying to add some Lookups to a Workflow email. When I choose the Lookup I want to be displayed in the email, I get an error saying:

A workflow lookup cannot be copied and pasted from one email message to another. You should create new lookups (click Add or Change Lookup), and then delete the lookups that were copied and pasted.

The error suggests it all, BUT I am not copy/pasting any lookups into the email. I click on the button to add a look up and select it to add.

I am trying to lookup a value for Current Item so my lookup looks as follows [%Current Item:Start Date & Time%]. I am able to add other Lookups for the Current Item but nothing to do with "Time & Date". The form was built through SharePoint Designer 2013 as well as the Workflow.

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This error occurs if the lookups column names have a special character like & , > .

So in your case try to replace

[%Current Item:Start Date & Time%]


[%Current Item:Start Date and Time%]

Or change the column name in your list setting to be Start Date and Time

Or define a workflow variable and set it to this value [%Current Item:Start Date & Time%] , then use the workflow variable in your email message

  • you are welcome my bro @IE5Master , should you upvote and set it as answer if it solved your issue :) Nov 2, 2016 at 20:31
  • Issue resolved by using WorkFlow Variable. Thanks Aug 13, 2019 at 11:22

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