We recently set up an intranet in sharepoint online and We constantly check the trends in the site. But is it possible to go a little further and know the name of the users who visit the site in a given day? Thanks in advance.

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You can use Audit Report given by SharePoint to get Reports of changes made by users. Please follow below link for more information.




Go for Customization like Timer Jobs, Workflows,Scripts etc.


It is possible. You create a list to store all users which have visited your site. Then you could use Javascript to get the current user, as described in this question. Then, you could check if the user has visited the site today. If he/she has not visited the site, then add that user to the list.

If you have a very large number of visitors, then maybe you could store the data on the database, and build a web API to be called by your javascript code.

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