I am currently working on SharePoint Online and the requirement is to copy a particular document from one document library to another document library. This copy has to be scheduled every week on a particular day.

For example "SharePoint.xlsx" is one of many documents in a "SharePoint1" document library and is updated frequently. This document needs to be copied to "SharePoint2" document library every Monday. Multiple copies of that document are to be created appended with YYYYMMDD . Document should be named as SharePointYYYYMMDD.xlsx everytime its copied and there should be multiple versions of that document with out replacing the previously copied one.

I found this document online, https://blogs.msdn.microsoft.com/richard_dizeregas_blog/2014/04/07/sharepoint-timer-jobs-running-as-windows-azure-web-jobs/. But we dont have an azure instance.

Please suggest?

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As you rightly mentioned, Azure WebJobs would be the ideal candidate to fulfill your requirement. But since you dont have the subscription, you can do it from your own machines connected to internet.

I would suggest creation of a Console application and schedule it to run using Windows Scheduler. You can run it from your local machine or from a Server connected to Internet.

You can follow the below mentioned steps :

enter image description here

enter image description here

Here, configure it to run weekly, screenshot has a daily scheduled task

enter image description here

Here, you can give the path to your console application's exe file.

enter image description here

Once everything is set up, our scheduler will begin to run. You can test run it manually as well


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