I have Calendar wherein the EditForm ListFormWebPart the button needed to delete an attachment is missing on some (almost all) attachments.

I'm Admin so I don't think the problem is regarding permissions.

enter image description here

Any ideas or hints to fix it?

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It's a normal behavior with the recurrence events when you try to edit a specific one event in the Event series !

So you should be aware of the following :

  1. If the file attached for a specific event level . you can get the delete link for only the related files that attached directly for this event when editing this specific event.

  2. If the file attached for the Even series level,you can't get the deleted link when you try to edit a specific one event belong to the entire Event series !

So this is the main reason for why you get a delete link for specific files.

To be more clear :

The following image , show two files

  • review.txt (doesn't have a delete link)
  • task view.png (has a delete link)

enter image description here

  • You will note that review.txt file doesn't have a delete link because it's attached to the Even series level, you try to edit a specific event within this entire Event series ,

  • Meanwhile, the file task view.png has delete link because it's directly attached to this event ,

So to get the delete link for review.txt file , you should edit the entire series. by following the mentioned steps below :

  • Click on any event at your recurrence Event.
  • From the above ribbon > Click View Event.
  • After the Event has been shown > from the above ribbon > click on Edit Series. enter image description here
  • Now you should find Delete Attachment link. for all files that attached to the entire series , not for a specific link.

enter image description here

Note : when you edit the entire series you can delete only the files that attached directly to the entire series , where the attached file task view.png for a specific event within the entire series will not be shown by default.

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