I just created the Custom master page and added below code for showing the page Title

Note: Custem Master page to set Site Master Page and System Master Page

<h1 id="pageContentTitle" class="ms-belltown-pageName ms-noWrap custom-page-title ms-dialogHidden">
<!--SPM:<SharePoint:AjaxDelta id="DeltaPlaceHolderPageTitleInTitleArea" runat="server">-->
    <!--SPM:<asp:ContentPlaceHolder id="PlaceHolderPageTitleInTitleArea" runat="server">-->
    <!--SPM:<SharePoint:SPTitleBreadcrumb runat="server" RenderCurrentNodeAsLink="true" SiteMapProvider="SPContentMapProvider" WelcomePageUsesWebTitle="false">-->
    <!--SPM:<SharePoint:ClusteredDirectionalSeparatorArrow runat="server"/>-->

But The problem is Page Title should show System Master Page and doesn't show Site Master Page.

Is this Possible to achieve by using CSS only ? or SharePoint Provide any specific class for that ?

I tried but i didn't get any proper answer for that situation, can you help me in that situation...


In your master page's stylesheet, use

span#DeltaPlaceHolderPageTitleInTitleArea {
    visibility: hidden;
span#DeltaPlaceHolderPageTitleInTitleArea span {
    visibility: visible;

Edit: found out this doesn't work at least on /_layouts/15/viewlsts.aspx. Looking for a better solution.

As the above CSS-change has its varying results, you could more efficiently do this in jQuery as suggested in the other answer. For what I've witnessed, Site Master Pages include the /Pages/ in their URL. Thus you could do this followingly:

<script type="text/javascript "src="http://sharepoint/SiteAssets/jquery.min.js" </script>
<script type="text/javascript">
var path = window.location.pathname;
if (pathname.indexOf("/Pages/") >= 0)
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  • I tried as per your comments but it doesn't working proper, sometimes Breadcrumb arrow is showing.. @moe – Ravi Delixan Oct 31 '16 at 11:13
  • @RaviDelixan I've updated the answer. – moe Oct 31 '16 at 11:49

Some ways to solve this:

  • Use a secondary .master without the title / with an extra css class
  • A tiny .js that is checking if the current page is a system page and adds the corresponding css class


var isSystemPage = function(){
  return (!_spPageContextInfo.pageListId && !_spPageContextInfo.pageItemId && !location.href.indexOf('_layouts/15/') !== -1);
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  • Thank for your quick reply, i don't want to use secondary .master. – Ravi Delixan Oct 31 '16 at 10:50
  • How i am going to achieve this (checking if the current page is a system page) ? can you explain bit more @mx. – Ravi Delixan Oct 31 '16 at 10:51
  • @RaviDelixan I updated my answer – Mx. Oct 31 '16 at 11:46

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