I just walked into a new job, and the first thing I'm hit with is a SharePoint Foundation 2010 intranet site that has to remove from the server to a physically separate server for security reasons.

The new server already has SharePoint Server 2013 installed, and is using a separate MS SQL 2012 database. Any ideas on how to go about this?

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To upgrade from SharePoint 2010 Products to SharePoint 2013, you use the database-attach method to upgrade.

In the database-attach method, you first

  • Checklist for database-attach upgrade (SharePoint 2013) , This checklist helps you confirm that you follow all the steps that you must follow as you prepare for upgrade, perform the upgrade, and perform post-upgrade steps.
  • Create and configure a SharePoint 2013 farm that you already have.
  • Then you Copy / Backup the content and service application databases from the SharePoint 2010 Products farm, via SQL Management Studio

  • Then attach and Restore and upgrade the databases.

  • Then upgrade site collections.

enter image description here

For the detail steps check

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