I have a requirement to create a SharePoint 2016 plan for 5000 users and 30 TB data to be used, I need help with the approach for design and deployment. How many Windows servers and SQL servers would I need and how do i go about with the licencing.


it is not easy to give you exact answer, i would consider following things to design an environment

  • How many concurrent user will use it.
  • Do you need High Availability? then you need each server in pair expect Distributed Cache( no HA) and Workflow Manager( which is either 1 server or 3).
  • you need dedicated servers for search service as you have 30TB of data which will be huge.
  • Are you plan for Office Online Server?

I would go with

  • 2 WFE
  • 2 Application server with Distributed Cache role
  • SQL Server with Always-ON, again number of servers depend upon the storage limitation.
  • 2 Query and 2 Crawl Server ( you can change it)
  • If using the OOS then a dedicate server for it.

SharePoint Server 2016 is required for each running instance of the software, and CALs are required for each person or device accessing a SharePoint Server.


. You can also think about the SharePoint Online ( Office 365) where you dont need to worry about the servers. You have to pay per user that's it, rest Microsoft will take care of back-end. What you have to do, just check the following Limitation and Boundaries.


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