I want to make a combination between the workflow message and the notification message.. Here's what I mean:

I want this email text: enter image description here

To be in the same email as the workflow notification: enter image description here

I tried with SharePoint Designer and I found the workflow email, but i don't find the notification output.

In the workflow email you don't see the changes the other person did. The idea is, that you get one email from the workflow start with all the information that has been changed and a link to accept or decline it. Anyone have an idea about what I mean or how to solve it?

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I've never seen a combination like you would like to implement. The notification output will handled by a completely different component and can be modified by following the links below.

To combine this is not possible in my opinion.


Also, here is an interesting article to get a deeper dive into the background. http://community.rightpoint.com/blogs/viewpoint/archive/2010/08/26/the-truth-about-how-daily-sharepoint-alerts-actually-work.aspx

My recommendation is to handle all things in your workflow.

Hope this helps.

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