Is there any EASY option to add Pictures + Hyperlinks to a Document Library? Like on the front page where you just click on

"edit" > "insert" > "Picture" > "insert" > "Hyperlink"

I googled it already and all I read is something with HTML-codewriting and stuff like this... which if of course a good Option if you are used to it, but I never used HTML or SharePoint before - i am doing an internship and my Supervisor asked me to find out how to make our SharePoint better.

If there is no easy way let me know please

Thanks a lot!

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    Are you using SharePoint 2013 or O365?
    – moe
    Oct 25 '16 at 8:51

Assuming you are using SharePoint 2013 (or newer) or O365, I'd suggest to create a custom link list which can be placed at the Document Library's (view) page. The list should be based on Promoted Links app which is available out-of-the-box.

On your SharePoint site go to Site Contents > add an app > Promoted Links. Name as you like. Create new list items to your Promoted Links -list and remember to specify the Background Image Location with the URL to the picture you wish to have for your link.

Once you have your links ready, on your SharePoint site go to Site Contents > Document Library you'd like to place the links > Edit page. On the web part zone, click Add a Web Part and choose your Promoted Links -list. You can choose whether to show/hide the list's title from the web part properties.

A working example:

A working example


  • Promoted links come with a fixed size of 150x150px
  • Promoted links do not have line breaks meaning if you have 8 links, they'll all be in the same row. A workaround for this is to have two or more Promoted Link -lists placed above the Document Library's view page.

The limitations can be altered with frontent customization, but that'll require some extra work.

  • Thanks for you quick and very detailed answer! Its actually SharePoint 2010, but I still gonna try what you have explained! :)
    – Markus
    Oct 25 '16 at 9:22
  • I think Promoted Links doesn't exist in SharePoint 2010. There's a nice guide for how to achieve similar with Content Query wp: jennyssharepointtips.wordpress.com/2016/07/06/…
    – moe
    Oct 25 '16 at 9:27

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