I tried creating a Sharepoint-hosted app with workflow using Sharepoint 2013 and Visual studio 2015 CE(also tried VS 2013 CE) as in this MSDN tutorial. When I tried to deploy, it failed with the following error message

Error Message.

@"Error 1
CorrelationId: 15bc3687-1651-4998-a950-62604875a927
ErrorDetail: There was an error during the operation.
ErrorType: Configuration
ErrorTypeName: Configuration
ExceptionMessage: Object reference not set to an instance of an object.
Source: Common
SourceName: Common App Deployment Error occurred in deployment step 'Install SharePoint Add-in': Failed to install SharePoint Add-in. Please see the output window for details.

I also tried creating a very simple workflow by just terminating the workflow. Again the same problem.

If I publish the app(*.app) package, am unable to add it to the team site. All it says is
Sorry, This app is not supported on your server ScreenShot

I tried following workarounds for this as pointed by some blogs,

  1. Changing the AppPreRequisite Id to 'B1DDD88F-6ADD-4700-B5CD-18E451635E24' in Appmanifest.xml file. * - [Not working. Same problem]*.
  2. Deleting the AppPreRequisite section in Appmanifest.xml file.
    On deleting this section it stopped saying unsupported app message and I can able to click on ADD IT button. But the app gets failed to add in the site.
  3. Updated Workflow manager to CU2. -[Same problem]

    Extra Information : Workflow manager is working fine because if I add workflow to a webpart using Sharepoint designer it works fine.

This is killing me for more than 3 weeks.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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