I am trying to create a Collect signature workflow in SharePoint Designer 2013 using the -SharePoint 2010/2013 workflow.

I am unable to find the Collect Signature workflow in the "Action" list.

Any help would be appreciated

Many thanks

  • Have you activated the Workflows site collection feature? – moe Oct 25 '16 at 5:52
  • yes its activated and also listed in workflow section in SharePoint designer as Collect Signatures - SharePoint 2010 – Hitesh Chandegara Oct 25 '16 at 5:54
  • I'm sorry, but I'm not following. Could you provide e.g. a screenshot in your original question? – moe Oct 25 '16 at 6:02

In my understanding there is no possibility to create custom Collect Signature Workflow using Sharepoint designer


I'd suggest using a signature column, something like an Infowise Signature would do it, there are other companies that have a similar offering too.

The 'signature' can be username + password or if you have a 'signature pad' then you could save actual hand written signatures.

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