I have searched a lot online but cannot find any references on how to dive down to task level details and manage/fill timesheets in ProjectServer 2013 using JSOM (Javascript implementation of CSOM). The only references i could find are this and this, and they only deal on project level.

I am using JSOM beacuse of the double hop authentication issue i am facing when trying to use CSOM.

Can really use some help here.

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Try this:

  • Check-out a project
  • Send a MERGE or PUT request to _api/ProjectServer/Projects('projectid')/Draft/Tasks('taskid')
  • Check-in and Publish

If you want to get a list of tasks for a certain project, then send a GET to /ProjectServer/Projects('projGuid')/Tasks

This API endpoint gives you access to actualWork, actualStart, actualFinish, percentWorkComplete and other timesheet properties.

Read more here: https://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/office/jj669340.aspx

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