We have SharePoint site with a lot of pages. One step in our project development is creating custom help for each page. After a user clicks "Help" icon in top of each page, help page opens and shows only that page's help content.

How can I customize SharePoint help desk to do this for each page?


In a long run it'll probably not be a good idea to have a custom help for each of your "many pages", as you said. Some reasoning at the end of the answer.

SharePoint offers a rather simple solution of creating a custom help in a site collection scope, which is a more standard solution. The key is to activate the Custom Site Collection Help site collection feature. Further reading at support.office.com.

Why not to create a custom solution for this? Sure it's possible in a way or another. You, however, should need to consider at least the (automatic) help page creation, a possible blank help page, how it would replace the OOTB help-button and possible search issues with similar looking pages based on title/content.

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