I am working on project server , I created PWA application service, and I can't delete it due to existing project sites. How do I delete the service?

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You should be aware of you can't delete Project Server application service if it's associated with PWA site collections. So you can’t delete it until delete all related project sites instances as the following:

  • Open Central Administration > Below Application management > Mange Service application > Click on your Project server application service > and delete all instances.

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  • After you delete all instances , try to delete the PS application service , that should be deleted successfully .

You can also do this via PowerShell as mentioned at Service application cannot be deleted due to existing project sites

  • Backup all your project sites.
  • Delete all your project sites.
  • In all your farm servers, open the Services.msc snap-in, and restart the following services:
    • SharePoint 2013 Administration
    • SharePoint 2013 Timer
    • SharePoint 2013 Tracing
    • SharePoint 2013 User Code Host
    • SharePoint 2013 VSS Writer
    • World Wide Web Publishing
    • Service SharePoint Server Search
  • On the server that is running the SharePoint Central Administration website, at a command prompt, type iisreset.
  • Then try to delete the Service Application again
  • you're welcome, good to know that you found a solution for your issue. Oct 24, 2016 at 23:44

Possibly there will be orphan PWA instance which is causing this issue. You can run below PowerhSell Commands to find out orphan PWA Instance.

 $serviceapp = get-spserviceapplication | ? {$_.TypeName –like “*Project*”} 
 $pwainstances = $serviceapp.Sitecollection 

To delete the Orphan instance use below command without closing PowerShell Window.

$toberemoved = $pwainstances | ? {$_.Id –eq “<Id of the instance to delete>”} 

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