We have two SP Designer workflow attached to a list such as "WF1" and "WF2". "WF1" will update a particular column daily. "WF2" will trigger for item changed event. Now I want to stop triggering of "WF2" when "WF1" update the particular column daily. How to achieve this? thanks in advance

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You need a semaphore [that's what oldskool programmers called it in the previous century]

Create an extra [previous_currentdate]

Let WF1 update [currentdate]

Then WF2 kicks in, if the 2 are not equal you know WF1 just ran

Let WF2 always set [previous_currentdate] to [currentdate]

If you want Today calculations only in a View, you could do without WF1: How to use Today and Me in Calculated column


Can you provide more details on both Workflows but be specific on WF2 and tell us what it's purpose and why can't you have one workflow instead of two?

  • WF1 is used to update calculated field daily (currentdate) and WF2 is usual approval workflow. Oct 19, 2016 at 14:05

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