I added External Content Type to my BCD application. The content type gets data from SAP trough a service.

There is a column/property in the service called PartnerChangeDate, that is set to last change on specific "partner entity.

  <TypeDescriptor Name="PartnerChangeDate" DefaultDisplayName="PartnerChangeDate" 
      <ConvertType LOBType="System.DateTimeOffset" BDCType="System.DateTime" />
      <NormalizeDateTime LobDateTimeMode="UTC" />

Within the MethodInstance I've set the property as a timestamp:

<MethodInstance Name="ReadAllContactPerson" Type="Finder" Default="true" 
      ReturnParameterName="@ContactPersons" ReturnTypeDescriptorPath="ContactPersons">
    <Property Name="RootFinder" Type="System.String" />
    <Property Name="LastModifiedTimeStampField" Type="System.String">

However, when I crawl this source, even incremental crawl indexes all entities in service, instead of just few that have changed:

enter image description here

What did I set wrong with the timestamp? How can I fix this?

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