I am SharePoint newbie when I created a new web application that created without any error but when I browse it I got

404 not found

I tried to create another new web application but I got the same error.

I don't know what's the root cause ?! Please help ?

Thanks Ali


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I think this issue might occur if you create a web application without creating a site collection so make sure that the web application has a site collection as the following:

  • Open Central Administration > Application Management > View all site collections > Select your web application and check if it has a site collection or not !

If it does not have a site collection , try to create a site collection for this web application as the following:

  • Open Central Administration > Below Application Management > Click on Create site collection.

  • Make sure that the selected web application is the web application that not have a site collection.

enter image description here

  • Fill the data that you need and select your site template > then click on OK.

  • After the site collection has been created successfully try to browse the site URL , that should be now worked properly .

Note : you should be aware of When you try to create a web application and after it created successfully , you should get a dialog that informs you the application created , and you should click on create site collection link to create a site collection as shown below.

enter image description here


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