When I try to log SharePoint Managed metadata column in my SharePoint 2010 Designer workflow, it logs as 'text|someid'


I want to get rid of the id part. I tried to use the substrings action, but couldn't achieve. I am using designer 2010.


I followed the solution mentioned in this post and it worked.

  1. Start with your managed metadata column (Column1Name)
  2. Create a 2nd column (Column2Name) in the list of type string
  3. Create a workflow that fires on create and/or on modify (depending on your needs) that copies the value from Column1Name into Column2Name.
  4. Create a 3rd calculated column (Column3Name) on the list. The formula for that column should be =LEFT([Column2Name],FIND(“|”,[Column2Name])-1) The calculation finds the pipe character and trims the value to a clean text value.
  5. Any emails where you need to display the value of Column1Name should use the value of Column3Name instead to send the plain text

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