i have two web zone i need to have one in the left to stay while the other scroll when the browser's scroll bar scrolls. any suggestions or ideas are welcome

  • or even a div tag which can hold links and some texts on the left side ? – Rinu Oct 16 '16 at 13:08

don't know why you would do this but if you had to I would open up sharepoint designer, navigate to the page. edit the page and open in advanced mode. Look for the following tag <WebPartPages:WebPartZone with a title attribute of zone 1, within that add a styles attribute with display as fixed: styles="Display:fixed;"

so should look on the lines of:

<WebPartPages:WebPartZone id="g_sd23423432434sdfsd" runat="server" title="Zone 1" styles="Display:fixed;"

as you can see above all I did to zone 1 was add in some custom style to set that zone fixed to the screen. you can play around with the style as you please but I would recommend using your browser first (developer tools by pressing F12 on the browser) to play around before doing any changes through SPD.

a little guid on how to do that:


use this as a guide to use SPD on SP online to get to the page and edit.


using script editor:

<script type="text/javascript">

   $("#ControlIDOfZone").css( "Display", "Fixed" );

  • hi ali, on the left webpartzone there are many links and in the right the contents. once you scroll down the page you wont be able to see the links. that is why i had to do this. Can we use this script editor? – Rinu Oct 17 '16 at 4:47
  • ahh i see what you mean, just updated answer. – Ali Jafer Oct 17 '16 at 6:32
  • i have updated the same with below details with no luck <script type="text/javascript"> $("#ms-rte-layoutszone-inner").css( "Display", "Fixed" ); </script> – Rinu Oct 18 '16 at 5:34
  • i couldnt find webpart zone as advised the only line which has something related to the webpart is this <WebPartPages:WebPartZone runat="server" ID="Bottom" CssClass="ms-hide" Title="loc:Bottom"><ZoneTemplate></ZoneTemplate></WebPartPages:WebPartZone> am i missing something ? – Rinu Oct 18 '16 at 5:44
  • i presume your referring to the left navigation links? if so add the following in script editor on page: <style> .ms-core-navigation { DISPLAY: fixed} </style> – Ali Jafer Oct 18 '16 at 7:24

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