I want to create an External content type by connecting to an Oracle database using VS or SP designer,to show data in an external list?

I am a bit new to BCS model so a little background will be helpful.

Any help is welcomed ! Thank You.

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You can achieve this via SharePoint designer by

  • Creating a database Link to connect to the remote Oracle table by installing OLEDB client on the SQL server only.

  • Then use SharePoint designer to build your external content type from SQL Server.

For more detail steps check SharePoint 2013:BCS Connect To Oracle DB No Code

If you need to build BCS via Visual studio check How to connect to the Oracle database using Business Connectivity Services (BCS)

Also, you can use Meta Man to Build External Content Types for Oracle, ODBC, WCF, Salesforce, Dynamics CRM, OData and Microsoft SQL without code. But unfortunately it requires a license

  • Is it possible to do the same with Visual Studio?Actually while making BDC model i am not able to save External content types and it is not appearing when clicking on external list. Also i am doing it in sandbox VM SP2013 where oracle client site is blocked.so effectively i cannot download anything.
    – Ahmed
    Oct 17, 2016 at 6:40
  • I have attached a link to can create this via visual studio, but at any case you will need to use oracle client.if you can't use oracle client you can build a web service at oracle server side and consume it at SharePoint side ! Oct 17, 2016 at 10:08

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