With Nintex workflow I made a workflow to test out Lazy Approval. That way a user gets a mail "The following item requires your approval"

enter image description here

When you answer that with a specific term, the item gets (dis)approved.

I'm using SharePoint 2013 on prem in a VM. Because of this I use hMailServer for the emails.

enter image description here

After getting the mail in the image above, I answer with "Yes", which approves and completes the workflow.

A minute after the item got put on approved, I get an email:

enter image description here

Every minute after that I get that same email.

My question: how to stop that?

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I found it, it's a tricky one.

hMailServerneeds a dropfolder, see this tutorial, to get the mails to SharePoint.

When SharePoint is done with a mail, it will delete this. If it can't delete it, it will think you resend it when the timer triggers again, and send you the mail with the error "The task is no longer active. Another user may have already completed the task."

Give SharePoint the Modify (or full controll) permission and it's solved.

enter image description here

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