I have created Reusable Workflow through Sharepoint designer (Sharepoint foundation 2013) and associated with site content type.

Now, I have saved this as a template(eg: TestWf.wsp). I have to deploy this in production(Sharepoint Foundation 2013) environment, for this I manually created same Site Content Type in production environment and import wsp file.

Here I can able to see that the Workflow in imported successfully but it was not associated the Content type and when I am trying to associate with it Content type(option available in Ribbon in sharepoint designer 2013 foundation) it was not visible.

Please suggest where I am doing wrong.

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You are not doing anything wrong. From MSDN: "Unlike previous versions, SharePoint 2013 does not support workflows that are scoped to a content type (SPContentType). [...]"

However, after moving your reusable content type to a different site, you can associate it with a list using this PowerShell script:

$wfm = New-object Microsoft.SharePoint.WorkflowServices.WorkflowServicesManager($Web)
$defSevice = $wfm.GetWorkflowDeploymentService()
$wfDefs = $defSevice.EnumerateDefinitions($false)
$wfDef = $wfDefs | where {$_.DisplayName -eq $WorkflowName}

$wfDef.RestrictToType = "List"
$wfDef.RestrictToScope = $ApprovalListId

$wfsubService = $wfm.GetWorkflowSubscriptionService()

$sub = New-object Microsoft.SharePoint.WorkflowServices.WorkflowSubscription
$sub.DefinitionId = $wfDef.Id
$sub.Enabled = $true
$sub.Name = $wfDef.DisplayName

$startOptions = New-Object "System.Collections.ObjectModel.Collection[System.String]"
$sub.EventTypes = $startOptions

$sub.SetProperty("HistoryListId", $HistoryListId)
$sub.SetProperty("TaskListId", $TaskListId)

$wfSubService.PublishSubscriptionForList($sub, $ApprovalListId);

Make sure your content type (with all the columns) is on the list already.


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