Is there an easy way (i.e without programming & deploying a custom webpart) to remove the column/row headers in an Excel webpart view on a MOSS 2007 site? Customer sees:

     A      B      C      D
1   xxxx    xxx   xx     xxx
2    ---      -    -      --

Just wants the data, not the a,b,c,d,1,2,... default column/row headers. Can't find the option/group of options to do this in the Modify Shared Web Part display options.


Simply go into the spreadsheet, select the area to be displayed, right click, and give the range a name. Then go into the web part, and type in the named range. Poof, no more column and row headers.

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It's a kludge, but you could hide them with jQuery on the client side if all else fails.

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I did this by hiding the rows and column indicators in the original (source) spreadsheet in Excel.

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