I am trying to create calculated column in a document library where a person assigns a task to another person and set next review date.

There are two columns: 'Time' which is a drop down column that has value (which have to be in year) like 1, 2, 3, 4, 5; the Second column is next 'inspection date' which is a calculated column where I add Time + Today date.

The problem is when a person select value from 'time' column it adds to day field rather than in year. For example If some select 3 from time column. the next column changes to 14/10/2016 from present date 11/10/2016. I want results should be 11/10/2019


Try the formula =Today + Time*365 any integer addition to the Today variable will be in days, so to get a year added to your column, you must multiply by day's in a year.

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