I'm migrating a site from SharePoint 2013 to Office 365. Want to ensure that no emails/notifications are sent to production user during migration. What options do I have?

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I used ShareGate for migration. Below are the steps I followed during the migration -

  1. Add email routing rule in the online exchange like, if there are certain addresses, emails should be redirected to a common mailbox. For example, if any email has the address [email protected] in TO or CC then the email should be routed to [email protected]
  2. Add [email protected] (any email address that has a routing rule associated) in the CC field of the workflows which will be migrated
  3. Migrate list/libraries without alerts
  4. Migrate the workflows
  5. After successful migration remove the email address [email protected] from the workflows. And then, add the user alerts in list/libraries. However, one thing needs to mention here is, ShareGate does not support User Aler migration from on-premise to on-line (Office 365)

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