Is it possible that one can enter a URL in a web browser that point to a certain page view for a web-based InfoPath 2007 form? (For SharePoint Server 2007)

A web-based InfoPath form that have 2 views - Summary View and Detail View. A user can enter a URL (e.g. http://server/site/form?view=detail) to view the Detail view of the web-based InfoPath 2007 form.


I don't think there is no code solution for this issue. You can find some info on code solution here:

However you should check if some other condition exist (eg. username, status) witch you can then use to switch view on load.


yes it is: newifs.aspx?DefaultView=YOURFORMVIEWNAME

  • I don't know if this works for 2007, but it definitely works for 2010. Nov 7 '13 at 15:17

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