I developed a Custom Form and at the form workflow I sent an email to the director to approve or reject user's request via link that opens the Director view of the form

The form have 4 views: Employee, Director, IT and Access Denied View

Now when the director receive the email and open the link, the SharePoint asks for her username and password at the active directory.

I Wanna validated if the interned username is equal to the value of the field (Director username) of the form. If so, I wanna open the view and if NOT I wanna open anther view (Access Denied View).

How to do so ?

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if you have a directors list:

replace a link in the email to link to page with a script:

use client object model js (by SP.js)

function getViewByPermissions() {
    var clientContext = SP.ClientContext.get_current()
    var list = clientContext.get_web(),get_lists().getByTitle("Directors");
    CamlQuery camlQuery = new CamlQuery();
    camlQuery.set_viewXml("<View>" +
                           "<Query>" +
                            "<Where>" +
                             "<Eq>" +
                              "<FieldRef Name='Name' />" +
                              "<Value Type='Text'>" + username + " </Value>" +
                             "</Eq>" +
                            "</Where>" +
                           "</Query>" +
    this.myList = list.getItems(camlQuery);
    clientContext.ExecuteQueryAsync(onQuerySucceeded, onQueryFailed)

function onQuerySucceeded()
    var count = this.myList.get_count();
    if(count == undefined || count == 0)
       location.href = //Access Denied View
    else //if(count > 0)
        location.href = //Director View

function onQueryFailed()
    location.href = //Access Denied View


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