I would like to enable Fly-Out menus on the Quicklaunch menu. I could do this easily while editing the Master Page (change "MaximumDynamicDisplayLevels").

But.. we are using SharePoint Online in Office 365 and Microsoft recommends not changing the Master Pages.

How can I make this happen? Is there a javascript solution for this for instance?

  • It's absolutely doable but as far as my (and yours probably) research goes, there is no solution at the moment.
    – Mx.
    Oct 7 '16 at 10:17

Yes you need to use javascript injection to add javascript file to the page.

Example (1) - Customize your SharePoint site UI by using JavaScript

Example (2) - JavaScript injection in SharePoint Online - Office 365 Developer Patterns and Practices

Once you are able to inject js, then in that js , write the below mentioned code. I got the code from this blog by Marc Anderson's blog. Hope this slightly modified code helps you. Just ensure that jquery is loaded before this code is executed:

    // Find all the top level links in the Quick Launch that have children
var topLevelLinks = $("div[id$='QuickLaunchMenu'] > ul > li:has('ul') > a");

// Prepend the little "twiddle" icon to each top level link
topLevelLinks.prepend("<span class='ms-commentexpand-iconouter ql-icon'><img alt='expand' src='/Comm/Comms2/_themes/1/spcommon-B35BB0A9.themedpng?ctag=2' class='ms-commentexpand-icon'></span>");

// We're starting with all of the sections collapsed. If you want them expanded, comment this out.
topLevelLinks.closest("li").find("> ul").hide();

// Set up for the click even of on the top level links
//topLevelLinks.click - existing code
topLevelLinks.hover(function(e) {

  // We're going to stop the default behavior

  // Find the elements we need to work with
  var childUl = $(this).closest("li").find("> ul");
  var isVisible = childUl.is(":visible")

  // If the section is visible, hide it, and vice versa
  if(isVisible) {  

    // Replace the icon with its antitheses
    $(this).find(".ql-icon").replaceWith("<span class='ms-commentexpand-iconouter ql-icon'><img alt='Expand' src='/Comm/Comms2/_themes/1/spcommon-B35BB0A9.themedpng?ctag=2' class='ms-commentexpand-icon'></span>");
    // Hide the child links by sliding up. Note: You could change the effect here.

  } else {

    // Replace the icon with its antitheses
    $(this).find(".ql-icon").replaceWith("<span class='ms-commentcollapse-iconouter ql-icon'><img alt='Collapse' src='/Comm/Comms2/_themes/1/spcommon-B35BB0A9.themedpng?ctag=2' class='ms-commentcollapse-icon'></span>");
    // Show the child links by sliding down. Note: You could change the effect here.



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