I am building a Content Search Web Part, and inside this Content search web part i want to show the list items Description. so inside the Content Search web part i found these 2 managed properties :-

  • Description
  • DescriptionOWSMTXT

so not sure what are the differences between them , now seems the Description is linked to many crawl properties and it is querable, while the DescriptionOWSMTXT is linked to a single crawled property and it is not querable, as follow:-

enter image description here

so can anyone adivce on these:-

  1. if i want to show the Description of my issue tracking list which one i need to use?

  2. now i tried adding these two managed properties inside my content search web part, but i got empty result?? so why the two fields do not show the related description (regardless which one i need to use)!!

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I always just try them and see what comes back (I use the diagnostics display template and dump all the managed properties in there).

I think M is multi lines of text, but I could be wrong.


The DescriptionOWSMTXT is multiple lines text description only (MTXT stands for multiple lines text.)

The Description is the normal description with office:6; which is Description, DocComments, and ExcludedFromSummary.

The Description is probably what you are looking for, but as Eric said, I usually use SharePoint Search Query Tool to make sure that's what I want.

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