How many and what are the steps that config wizard go through after installing patch....?any one can please generalise this?

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The Configuration Wizard (aka PSConfig) does the following steps:

  1. Initialize SharePoint products and technologies configuration
  2. Create Configuration database.
  3. Install help collections
  4. Secure SharePoint resources
  5. Register SharePoint Services (install)
  6. Register SharePoint features (install)
  7. Provision Central Administration Web application and site
  8. Register SharePointHealth Analysis rules (installs)
  9. Create sample data and provision default Web application
  10. Install application content files
  11. Finalize SharePoint product and technologies configuration

Source: http://sprickyrick.blogspot.fi/2015/12/psconfig-steps.html

You can configure some of the steps you wish to run by parameters, when you run the Configuration Wizard through PSConfig. Further information: https://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/cc263093(v=office.15).aspx (although it's titled for 2010, it's valid for 2013 as well).

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