Has anyone noticed that "Start Task Process" activity in SharePoint designer does not work anymore, on newly created tenants (o365)? When I try to create a simple one step workflow which uses "Start Task Process" activity, when starting workflow it goes to a Suspended state with the following message:

System.InvalidOperationException: Incomplete closure detected while loading subroutines for workflow 4896a2e6-6b52-4274-a738-beee0a22eb14 in scope /spo/980a5387-9fcc-42ac-b4dc-98107affe6d4/23297437-9ad9-4673-9cdc-e513e00c8903/54d05011-f3e5-410b-9b0a-90b5cbb706cd.

It stopped working like month ago. Still works fine for older tenants (even where custom code sandbox solutions are deprecated).

Any ideas? Have you encountered the same issue?

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