I am trying to upload a app generate with SharePoint Framework to the App Catalog of my SharePoint, but when I upload it, it don't recognize how a valid package and I can't add this app to my developer site where I upload the workbench. I don't see the app in the list of available apps for add.

I tried do all of the SharePoint framework guide but I don't accomplish upload a valid app.

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Too, I tried to upload here the workbench but it don't work.

I hope your help for can deploy the app.

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Maybe you have to try to do things again. In the guide, you should

Open package-solution.json from the config folder. The package-solution.json file defines the package metadata as shown in the following code:

    "solution": {
    "name": "helloworld-webpart-client-side-solution",
    "id": "ed83e452-2286-4ea0-8f98-c79d257acea5",
    "version": ""
    "paths": {
    "zippedPackage": "helloworld-webpart.spapp"

When this is done, run the gulp command

gulp package-solution

The command will create the package in the sharepoint folder: helloworld-webpart.spapp

So far so good, next

Upload or drag and drop the helloworld-webpart.spapp to the App Catalog.

... and click Deploy.

When I do this, I get a ProductID on my dev-tenant App site, but from your screenshot I can tell that there is no ProductID, and maybe that's where things fail?

enter image description here

Another option, which you might have missed, is to install Drop 4 and upgrade your web parts? I had these issues doing a demo, and later on when I upgraded to Drop 4, everything worked like a charm. See Release Notes Drop 4 and MDL2 on how to upgrade your apps.

  • I try to do all guide against and it works perfectly in local enviroment, but when i go to upload to the App Catalog it don´t recognise how a valid package. My main problem is when i upload it, i dont have the message to deploy it. I have admin permission for 365 site. I dont know why it dont work. Commented Oct 6, 2016 at 8:40

Make sure you are using a Developer Tenant, not a developer site.

  • But, if i want to use the app to a exist project of office 365 with my account of it? I can´t include the app build in it? Commented Oct 6, 2016 at 7:48
  • 1
    For now it only works on a Developer Tenant, use on other tenants will come later. Commented Oct 6, 2016 at 9:07

Your solution name might be too long (in "package-solution.json"), the limit is 64 characters. Keep it <= 64 characters.

enter image description here

I had a similar problem here.

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