I have a Site (say "Site A") with a List workflow. I saved the site as a template. When I create another site (say "Site B") from the template, the workflow is there but it does not work. It also doesn't work to add a new Workflow to Site B. It's as though a setting prevents using Workflows. Additional details:

  • Site A is a site with Server Publishing activated; this means I had to set "SaveAsTemplate" to True in Designer in order to even save it as a Template
  • I've tested Site B with "SaveAsTemplate" set to both true and false; makes no difference - the workflows do not work

Any help?!

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First of all, you should be aware of the publishing site or site with enabled publishing features can't be saved as a template .

  • If you try to Navigate to site setting you will not find save site as template option,

  • Also, if you tried to use SharePoint Designer , or direct link /_layouts/15/savetmpl.aspx you will get

enter image description here

So I am pretty sure , you tried to use PowerShell as a workaround , that will be saved your site as template correctly but unfortunately, you will face more issue like "adding new workflow issue "! because it's not supported method.

Note : if you tried to deactivate publishing feature to can save site as a template this also not considered a supported method.

My suggestion, Try to create a team site and migrate your data and functionality from old one , in this case, you can save your site as a template that should work properly .

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