I'm new to Sharepoint 2013 and have a little problem:

I have a big list with more than 5000 elements, now i want to filter the list via a view filterenter image description here

I know that this filter should return less than 5000 elements, but it just keeps saying that the view contains more than 5000 elements.

Another problem, is that when I search in the search box of the list, lets say for 222, it returns nothing even if the VLAN ID with the number 222 exists in my list. enter image description here

The other columns in the list a fully functional (I can search for them and use them for filtering).


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There is a setting called 'List View Threshold' under Central Administration -> Manage Web Applications -> Select Your Web Application -> General Settings Dropdown -> Resource Throttling. For filter view you have to ensure filter expression does not exceed the threshold value. Note: Changing the threshold value will have a performance impact. Regarding the other problem, You can try to make that column searchable: Making columns searchable for the list

Since you are saying that you have more than 5000 items you should be aware of certain restrictions, I recommend you to go through this Manage large lists and libraries

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