I have a spreadsheet in a document library and somehow I have been requested to make it more visible, either by making the file name in bold, bigger or highlight it somehow.

I have SharePoint Designer 2010 and have been browsing the internet trying to find an answer to my question but unfortunately, I didn't.

Is there any chance to get this done or that's not feasible at all?

Many thanks in advance.

  • Do you know javaScript? I would suggest using JS to find the excel fields and highlight the <td> cell – Michael Colbs Sep 28 '16 at 20:16

As I understand, you have an excel file within document library , and you need only to change the color and font size for this file :

So try to do the following :

  • Edit your page that holds document library.
  • Add a Content Editor web part > Edit Source. (or add the following code to txt file and upload it to SharePoint then link it to your content editor)

Add the following Javascript Code :

<script type="text/javascript">
function disablelinkPageTitle() {
var aTags = document.getElementsByTagName("a");
var searchText = "Qassas"; // set your excel file name
var link;
for (var i = 0; i < aTags.length; i++) 
if (aTags[i].textContent == searchText) 
link = aTags[i];
link.style.color= 'red'; // Change color
link.style.fontSize= '40px'; // Change font size


enter image description here

  • Thank you for your answer Qassas, glad to see that it is feasible to get it done. However, I have tried to follow your instructions on nothing is happening. – IdCB Oct 2 '16 at 12:04
  • I opened SharePoint Designer 2010, searched the library and inserted the code changing the necessary fields in the content editor webpart. If I preview the changes in the browser I get the following error "Web Part Error: The file you imported is not valid. Verify that the file is a Web Part description file (*.webpart or *.dwp) and that it contains well-formed XML. " Maybe important: the file is stored in a sub-sharepoint site, not on main sharepoint. I also get some error "HTML incompatibility detected" – IdCB Oct 2 '16 at 12:30
  • no need For SharePoint designer , only add a content editor to your page via the browser , and add the above code .please don't hesitate to tell me if you need more clarification , – Mohamed El-Qassas MVP Oct 2 '16 at 14:05

You can leverage SharePoint Client Side Rendering framework to do this change. Here are few code samples which you should check out to see which fits your requirements.

Specifically, this example should be helpful.

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