I am using a tab panel WebPart that was given to me complete. The jQuery is repeating every-time the WebPart is edited so, the tabs repeat or get multiplied. I am using static information to populate the tabs. This does not happen when I am working in a publishing page unless I specifically click on the edit web part.

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    Without the code of the webpart it will be almost impossible to help you Commented Sep 28, 2016 at 18:01

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SharePoint adds a hidden control with a value which tells the client side code if the page or WebParts on that page are in Edit Mode.

In case of Wiki Pages, the id of the control is _wikiPageMode and in case of Publishing pages, it is MSOLayout_InDesignMode.

You can put your code inside an if statement like below to know if your page is in design mode and stop execution of code.

if($("#_wikiPageMode").val() "Edit" or "" ||
      $("#MSOLayout_InDesignMode").val() "1" or "") {

      //Your existing code here

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