We have a single tenancy O365. It is at http://myparentcompany.sharepoint.com

We have a number of business units within our parent company.

In order to communicate to our internal users a "friendly" URL that reflects the information architecture of our content we would like to be able to provide a structure that is easy to understand.

Is it possible in SharePoint online to provide a url similar to the following?:

http://myparentcompany.sharepoint.com/businessunit1/somebusite http://myparentcompany.sharepoint.com/businessunit2/somebusite etc.

alternatively is it better to do something like?

http://businessunit1.myparentcompany.com/sites/somesite etc.

If so how are any of the above solutions implemented for SharePoint online?


SharePoint Online is always tenant.sharepoint.com. You can then branch off site collections as tenant.sharepoint.com/sites/businessunit or tenant.sharepoint.com/teams/businessunit or branch them all off the root as subsites tenant.sharepoint.com/businessunit. Those are your only options for any sort of information architecture.

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