I'm struck with PHP SharePoint integration. Is there any simple PHP method to read list from SharePoint?


Try this api: https://github.com/thybag/PHP-SharePoint-Lists-API

I have tried and it works perfectly. you can also find how to's of the api on same link.

include "Thybag\SharePointAPI.php";
include "Thybag\Auth\SharePointOnlineAuth.php";
include "Thybag\Auth\SoapClientAuth.php";
include "Thybag\Auth\StreamWrapperHttpAuth.php";
include "Thybag\Service\ListService.php";
include "Thybag\Service\QueryObjectService.php";
use Thybag\SharePointAPI;
$sp = new SharePointAPI('<user@domain.onmicrosoft.com>','<password>','<path_to_WSDL>,'SPONLINE'); //SPONLINE if your point is online else add true instead
$data = $sp->read('Documents');

This will return you the array of all lists stored on sharepoint. Then based on your need you can get the file name by calling array from the above array list.

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