I have one custom list on a Sharepoint 2013 site. I'm using the OOTB default approval Workflow from Sharepoint 2010. Everytime a new record is created in this custom list the workflow is started and routed for approval to a group of people so that any of them can Accept or Reject the request.

On my list view I can add the workflow status column from the "modify this view" menu to display the status, but I would like to also display the user who approved it or rejected it and the date it was approved. Is it possible to do it? If i check the workflow history I notice that information is already in there (user and date of approval) but I would like it printed as an additional column in my list view.

Your support is really appreciated.

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You have to add an extra column for that and show it in the View/New View. Now once item is approved/Rejected by the user from the Approvers group, just Add the Display Name of the Approved/Rejected person in the new Custom column.(You can do the same for the date also). Hope this would help you!

  • If you add a Column called, for example, Approved By, how do you hide this field from showing on the New Item form (so that the original submitter cannot add and adjust the value in this field)? Edit: Actually, maybe the answer to my query is here: sharepoint.stackexchange.com/a/141861 Commented Apr 10, 2020 at 12:27

I solved it by creating a custom workflow. I stopped using the default approval workflow and created a new one and used the instruction start approval workflow as the only step.

If you click on "Approval" you can edit the behaviors of the workflow. in my case I edited the behavior of a single task:

enter image description here

Inside of it I assigned the values to the corresponding columns:

enter image description here

By using the default approval workflow I wasn't able to do the last step since the columns weren't available. I guess because it was the global workflow. And since I created a list workflow the columns were now available.

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