I am trying to rename file( removing few unwanted characters adding few etc). I am able to do it via itemadded event I have tried SPFile.MoveTo( works fine) and simple changing property["Name"] it works as well.

My issue is that none of these ways are making versions, MoveTo just removes existing file and creates/moves new(tried overwrite option but didn't helped) where changing property name doesn't work if filename is already in use.

I have tried itemadding event but that doesn't work for me either. Can anyone help me with this?

  • Before I try a full reply, you claim to have already tried using itemAdding instead. What have you actually tried? I think it could work, but you would need to use the AfterProperties collection instead of accessing the ListItem instance. Have you tried something like properties.AfterProperties["Title"] = newFileTitle?
    – SPArcheon
    Commented Sep 25, 2016 at 14:38
  • No, i am using name property, internalname of "name" properties.AfterProperties["internalname oF Name"] = new filename
    – Aji
    Commented Sep 25, 2016 at 14:53

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You should use .Update() or .SystemUpdate(true) in your event receiver code as both should increment the version. refer this blog

  • Yeah they both increase the version, probably you are talking about the second approach i have mentioned. If i try to rename a file and the new name is already in use it doesn't work so no versions :(.update or systemupdatedoesn't come in the picture.
    – Aji
    Commented Sep 27, 2016 at 2:47

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