I am using an application page in my solution.

I would like to include a webpart but i don't know how...

I tried to use the object tag, it works but i cannot get the element in 100% height and i don't want to use in pixels because i want to display the page without scrolling.

Can you tell me how to fix this issue? Am I using the best method?

Waiting for you help..

Thank you.

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You can not include web parts inside application pages. It is not a common practice. From MSDN:

Application pages are not subject to the same restrictions as site pages. They allow in-line code without restriction. They cannot, however, use dynamic Web Parts or Web Part zones or be modified using SharePoint Designer.

Source: SharePoint Page Types

In this question you can see some alternative paths. Although revise fine if you must use one or find another way to solve the same problem.

Is it possible to add web parts to an application page?

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