I would like to know how to change the display order of the out of the box user profile properties using sharepoint object model ?

I would like to move OOTB properties into my custom section.

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Take a look at Property Class

There are two types of user profile properties:

Regular - Defines the property data type and the corresponding user profile flags.

Section - Property that serves as a separator for user interface grouping purposes.

In order to move properties 'into' section you just need to reorder them.

I am providing a little example on how to create new section and then move few OOTB properties 'into' it by simple reorder. Check code comments for clarification.

var customSectionDisplayName = "My New CustomSection";
// For 'internal' name remove whitespace
var customSectionName = customSectionDisplayName.Replace(" ", "");

using (SPSite site = new SPSite("http://mycoolsite"))
    SPServiceContext context = SPServiceContext.GetContext(site);
    // There are just 'few' managers we need
    UserProfileConfigManager upcm = new UserProfileConfigManager(context);
    ProfilePropertyManager ppm = upcm.ProfilePropertyManager;
    CorePropertyManager cpm = ppm.GetCoreProperties();
    ProfileTypePropertyManager ptpm = ppm.GetProfileTypeProperties(ProfileType.User);
    ProfileSubtypeManager psm = ProfileSubtypeManager.Get(context);
    ProfileSubtype ps = psm.GetProfileSubtype(ProfileSubtypeManager.GetDefaultProfileName(ProfileType.User));
    ProfileSubtypePropertyManager pspm = ps.Properties;

    // Check if section already exist
    if(cpm.GetSectionByName(customSectionName) == null)
        // Add new section
        CoreProperty section = cpm.Create(true);
        section.Name = customSectionName;
        section.DisplayName = customSectionDisplayName;
        ProfileTypeProperty profileSection = ptpm.Create(section);
        ProfileSubtypeProperty profileSubSection = pspm.Create(profileSection);
        profileSubSection.DefaultPrivacy = Privacy.Private;

    // In default configuration Custom Properties are the last section 
    // with display order value of 5500
    // Let's move our new section to the end
    pspm.SetDisplayOrderBySectionName(customSectionName, 6000);

    // And now let's move some core properties 
    // Work Email ...
    pspm.SetDisplayOrderByPropertyName(PropertyConstants.WorkEmail, 6100);
    // ... and Work Phone 
    pspm.SetDisplayOrderByPropertyName(PropertyConstants.WorkPhone, 6200);

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