I want to create external content type, so in central admin I create a new Business Data Connectivity Service (BDC) and I start the service from system settings --> manage service on servers. but when I get back to application management --> Manage Service application the status is stopped. I made an IISReset, with no luck, when I click on my (BDC), I have the following error :

The load balancer is not provisioned. Verify the load balancer was provisioned successfully before retrieving endpoint addresses. 

I tried 3 times to re-create the BDC. but still not working.

Help please.

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You should try to do the following :

  • login with SharePoint Farm Account.
  • Make Sure that the SharePoint Timer Service is Running, also try to restart it
  • Make Sure that the BDC Service account has been added to Managed Account in Central Administration.
  • Remove the BDC service from Manage Application Service in Central Administration.
  • Restart IIS.
  • Restart BDC service at manage service on servers then reconfigures it again.
  • Restart IIS.
  • After it has been created and started > Make Sure that the BDC Application Service is connected to the Web Application.

If all the above steps do not help , try to install SharePoint 2010 SP2 then run Sharepoint Configuration Wizard , then try to create BDC again that should be now created and started successfully . (Note : It's heavily recommended to install SharePoint Service Pack first at dev environment , also take a backup to allow rollback.)

Note : Some articles said to try to install WCF hotfix for .Net FrameWork 3.5 SP1 but really I can't find any link for this hotfix.

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