I am stuck getting a BadRequest when trying to post to a list. I can't see what the problem is. I am hoping someone can point me in the right direction:

I believe my Request header and metadata are configured properly...am I missing something?

This is the URL I'm calling in the App Step for posting to the list in the subsite:

https://sharepoint.sites.co/teams/it/onboarding/office/john doe/_api/web/lists/GetByTitle('Key Employee Information')/items

Please let me know if more info needed enter image description here enter image description here

  • Can you specify all of your variables? The Accept, the metadata Dictionary? – Mike Sep 20 '16 at 20:13
  • which call failed the first one or that at app step , should you also check this article sergeluca.wordpress.com/2013/04/09/… – Mohamed El-Qassas MVP Sep 20 '16 at 21:04
  • the one inside the app step – davjaq Sep 20 '16 at 21:27
  • Check the properties of the app step. Make sure you have a variable in the RequestHeaders. If that doesn't work, I'd suggest emailing yourself the ResponseHeaders and ResponseContent, that will usually point you in the right direction. – anonymous Sep 20 '16 at 21:36
  • 1
    Is "KeyEmployeeInformation" the name of the list or are there spaces in it? (e.g. "Key Employee Information"). You most likely need the internal name which would be something like "Key_x0020_Employee_x0020_Information" – anonymous Sep 20 '16 at 22:39

SOLUTION: I had to change the my Metadata2 (per screenshot) Dictionary to use type instead of Type to make this work:


Interestingly enough I did not have this issue with doing the same thing not using the app step.


Have you done setting as mentioned under header "Granting full control permission to a workflow" in below mentioned link https://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/office/jj822159.aspx?f=255&MSPPError=-2147217396

In case you have not followed, that might be reason for bad request.

  • I had already done that – davjaq Sep 21 '16 at 13:35

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