I have prepared a chart in Excel, connected using Power Query. In Power Query I have used oData connection to get a SharePoint Online List to get the data.

Now I save the Excel into Office 365 Document library.

If I refresh the data in Excel File then I am able to refresh data in Excel file. But I am not able to refresh the data in Excel Online. I am getting the following error,

We were unable to refresh one or more data connections in this workbook. The following connections failed to refresh: Query - ABC

Is it possible to refresh data in Excel Online directly? Or any other way to refresh data in Excel Online?


Clearest answer I've found to this is here:

SharePoint doesn't support refreshing Power Query data sources at the present time. Although it's true that SharePoint and SharePoint Online don't currently support Power Query refreshes, the error message you get is related to not being able to refresh from the Data Model which is something SharePoint Online isn't able to do (on-premise SharePoint can).

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